Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some Australian Slang

In the format of "Australian: American" ...

How you going (sounds like "hey you going"): How are you?
Hey?: Conversational term used like "pardon?"
Brekkie: Breakfast
Bushwalking: Hiking
Thongs: Flip-flops
Subject: Course at Uni
Course: Major at Uni
Bogan: Red-neck, derogatory term
Piss (multiple uses):
1. Take the piss out of you: Poke fun of, laugh at
2. Off the piss: Stopped drinking
3. Hit the piss: Get some beer
Barbie: BBQ
Esky: Cooler
Roo: Kangaroo
Joey: Baby kangaroo
Heaps: Lots of

Australians also like to use "reckon", i.e. you reckon we should ...

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