Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Valentine's Day

Melbourne is a freaking romantic city. And if you're not in a relationship, then walking around the streets of Melbourne at night will just make you feel like crap.

There are people selling roses on the street, and heaps of couples are holding hands. Love is in the air. Bleh. I mean normally you see tons of people holding hands and performing PDA's in Melbourne, but on the night of Valentine's day, the number of couples increases exponentially. Plus, ALL the Italian restaurants on Lygon Street (this huge Italian district that is lined with fabulous Italian restaurants) were booked since I guess getting Italian food is the more romantic thing to do?

So what did I do the night of Valentine's Day? Went to a pub called Puggs. Where all the single people are, haha. Didn't drink but just checked it out. And then I went home. Yay.


  1. Son, you need to find someone nice and follow them until the right moment...then POUNCE on that s***.

  2. Yay.

    #3 (or #4) should be right around the corner.

  3. maybe that's how you roll, fong?

    haha you're so funny, cameron. we'll see soon enough if #3 or #4 indeed lives in AU.