Monday, February 16, 2009

4.2.2009: Flight

My trip began with a flight from LAX to SFO, from where I would take a connecting flight from SFO to Sydney. The idea of flying from LAX to SFO to Sydney is a bit counterproductive since geographically, you're flying more north in order to fly south, but that's what Orbitz gave me. I'm just glad I applied for some frequently flyer miles at the airport since I'll be getting some 7000 miles worth on my account. I flew United, which is good in terms of prices but not as good for enjoyability and comfortableness when compared to an airline like Qantas, but I'm not one who demands much when it comes to service. However, some other students who flew United were yapping and griping, and I can understand that when others who flew Qantas would later tell me that they were served delicious food and all the red/white wine they wanted!

There is not much to say about the flight ride itself. It is what it is - a14 hr flight (actually about 13hr 40min). Darn boring. Usually I can't sleep on airplanes, but I guess when you're on one for 14 hours, you quickly learn that there really is nothing much you can do. They showed some weird European/indie movies that I had never heard of and didn't really pique my interest. So I sat in an right aisle seat in the middle row of four seats. I was lucky in that nobody else sat in my row except for another lady on the left aisle seat so we had two free seats! I wanted to lie down across the row and just sleep but the lady beat me to it. Once I woke up on the flight during the wee hours of the night and tried grabbing at my sweatshirt that I left on the seat beside me. All of a sudden, my hand touches something hard, not like the fabric of my sweatshirt. And I realize that it was the lady's foot! Weird.


  1. This is awesome. It's like having a personal tour guide. One problem, though: PIX OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

  2. australia musuem was really creeeeepy...all those dead bugs and stuffed birds on either side of you. NO. id take the aquarium anyday. happy travels!